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Building products

Polyethylene foam with the thickness from 1mm to 20mm and densities from 18 to 150kg/m3 are used as:.

  • roof insulating underlays,
  • panel floor underlays,
  • concrete floor underlays,
  • LVT floor underlays,
  • acoustic insulation underlays,
  • dilatation tape


  • are an ideal insulating material for wooden and laminated floors
  • they compensate uneven spots of the floor
  • do not absorb water
  • are durable and chemical resistant
  • are resistant to pressing and tearing
  • they eliminate the sound of walking
  • they are easy to assemble and process
  • they can be LDPE laminated with different thicknesses
  • recommended for heavy duty floors
  • the product is light and it lays evenly
  • they ensure high parameters of moisture and sound insulation
  • equipped with a special self-adhesive tape which shortens the assembly time
  • perfect for floor heating systems and places particularly exposed to moisture
  • manufactured from the highest quality foam meshed with an additional thermal screen in the form of a metalized film
  • it reflects infrared radiation thus contributing to better thermal insulation
  • used behind a radiator in houses or offices they optimise the heating costs
  • manufactured from 5 and 10 mm foam they provide acoustic and thermal insulation

possible use:

  • underlays for floating floors assembled between the ceiling and the concrete floor with the use of the edge dilatation tape
  • protection from freezing temperatures and too quick drying of concrete
  • They are durable, do not absorb water and do not stick to the concrete
  • ideal as compensating connectors which eliminate the unwanted influence of the thermal expandability of concrete floors
  • light, durable, flexible and easy to use
  • resistant to chemicals used in construction industry
  • can fill up the dilatation gaps in buildings, tunnels, underground passageways, bridges and roads

available as premium:

  • with cuts
  • with a self-adhesive tape
  • with LDPE flaps